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We are proud to offer you a fine selection of sunglasses, i.e. Maui Jim and Wiley X.  We also carry sunglass frames Made in the USA and frames made from repurposed or recycled materials. These frames include:

  1. American Optical
  2. Randolph
  3. PROOF
  4. Parkman
  5. Zeal Optics

We are able to put your prescription into most sunglass frames. If you select a frame that is not a sunglass frame, but would like to put your prescription into it, our opticians are trained to make a pair of sunglass frames for you with your tint of choice. 

Wearing a pair of polarized sunglass lenses are a great way to keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV sunlight rays.

FUN FACT: "DID YOU KNOW that various types of protective sun wear have been worn by people for more than 2,000 years?" 

What is Glare?

​Glare is caused by excessive amounts of light and uncontrolled brightness. Examples include: computer screens, driving, reflections from the sunlight, and smartphones. There are options to protect your eyes from glare by wearing polarized prescription sunglasses or prescription lenses with the anti-glare coating. 

Four Types of Light:

  • Sunlight (Natural Light): Contains all of the visible colors of light in equal amounts
  • Artificial Light: Replicates natural light to have as much of the visible colors of light as possible
  • Combination Lighting: Contains sunlight and artificial light to obtain the full spectrum of the visible colors of light
  • Directed Lighting: Various ways to adjust lighting to your needs by way of lamps or overhead lights

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